Options for Advisors Handling Low-Performing Universal Life Policies


Options for Advisors Handling Low-Performing Universal Life Policies

Advisors frequently encounter clients with Universal Life policies that aren’t meeting expectations. The reasons can be many, including increased premiums or a decrease in cash value. This can present a challenge for both the advisor and the policyholder, as the goal is to maximize the policy’s value and utility.

Several options exist for advisors facing this dilemma. The first is to reevaluate the policy’s funding strategy. Sometimes, adjusting the premium payments or the death benefit can improve the policy’s performance. It’s essential to conduct a detailed policy review and employ financial modeling to project future outcomes.

Another path to consider involves exploring the secondary market for life insurance. A policy that is no longer suitable or affordable for the client might still have significant value to others. Selling the policy through a life settlement can often yield a higher cash value than surrendering it back to the insurance company.

A third option is policy optimization, which entails leveraging available policy features or adding riders that can enhance the policy’s benefit to the client. This might include adding a long-term care rider or adjusting the death benefit option to better align with the client’s current needs and goals.

Lastly, it’s vital for advisors to stay informed and educate their clients about the evolving landscape of life insurance and the potential impacts on their policies. Regular reviews and open communication can help mitigate the risk of underperformance and ensure that the policy continues to serve the client’s best interests.

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