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Life Insurance

Often Senior and Baby Boomers largest asset!

Can I Sell My Life Insurance Policy for Cash?

Absolutely! Your Life Insurance policy is an asset you own! 

Selling a Life Insurance Policy is an easy transaction by which a life insurance owner sells their policy to a third party investor for an upfront cash payment.

The U.S. Supreme court ruled in 1911 that your Life Insurance policy is a financial aspect you own, similar to stocks, bonds or real estate. The ruling establish the legal basis for ownership and ensured the policy owner maintained full rights to their life insurance policy as a financial asset.

Many Life Insurance Companies are reluctant to notify their policy owners of this benefit available to all policy owners.

98% of all Life Insurance Policies lapse without value and fail to return any financial benefit to the policy owner, even after many years of paying premiums to the insurance company.

Additionally, many seniors and baby boomers avoid converting term life insurance policies because of dramatically high premium requirements of a Universal Life Policy.

Life Insurance companies love when a policy lapses because they are able to remove the risk from their books, avoiding future death claims while keeping all of the cash payments paid over the years by the policy owner. This leaves most life insurance owners with few options to avoiding rising premiums on a often times a very limited budget as they enter retirement years.

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