How Does a Life Settlement Work?

There are three major steps in life settlements

  • Get an Estimate of Your Policy Value based on a few Simple Question in Real Time
  • Submit Detailed Information to get an Offer on Your Policy
  • Accept the Offer and Get Paid

1. Get an Estimate

The estimate is based on years of experience evaluating policies. This estimate is primarily based on the policy value, your age and general health condition. The estimate will provide a range based on experience and help you decide if you want to move forward. It only takes a minute to get the estimate range

2. Submit Detailed Information for an Offer

Once you submit the information needed to obtain a copy of the policy and permission to obtain health records an actual offer can be calculated and made to you. This will be

3. Accept the offer

After an offer has been made you get to decide if you want to accept it or keep your policy. if you keep your policy it is important to remember that once it lapses there is no longer and value in the policy and the years of premium payments can no longer be recovered. If you accept there is some paperwork to transfer ownership and a payment of the agreed upon amount will be paid.

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