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Life Insurance - Life Settlement
Life Insurance - Life Settlement
  • Generally 70 years or older or 65 with significant health impairments.

  • Universal Life, Whole Life and Term Life Policies.

  • Policy Face Amounts at least $50,000.

  • Policy at least 2 years old.

Life Insurance Settlement Program Overview

  • Qualify Policy.

Pricing a Life Settlement requires both an evaluation of the Life Insurance policy financials and complete medical review of the covered insured. To expedite the process, it’s important to submit a policy with a recent illustration on the policy. Ideally, a level-premium illustration through age 100 is ideal for pricing a Life Settlement policy for an in-force Universal Life insurance policy, however, LIS can work with many policy types, including Term policies nearing conversion expiration.

  • Obtain Insured’s Medical Records.

Medical records on all insureds covered under the Life Insurance policy are generally required to effectively price a Life Settlement. The fastest method to obtain medical records is by having the insured contact their medical provider directly, however, LIS can work directly with medical providers using a standard HIPAA medical record authorization. <br> It’s important to realizing obtaining medical records requires significant time

  • Document Submission, Underwriting and Review.

Once the policy documents and insured’s medical records are obtained, LIS makes it easy to submit all information through both an eSign application and also a paper application for policy owners less technically savy. Underwriting typically takes a few days for LIS to review all documents and prepare the case for submitting to investment partners.

  • Review Offer and Acceptance.

LIS works with multiple Life Settlement licensed Providers who review each case to determine the policy’s value. While the majority of a a Life Settlement’s value is based upon the policy financials and insured’s medical condition, each Provider uses proprietary formulas to determine their ability to present an offer.

Life Insurance - Life Settlements - LISA Life Insurance Settlement Association

Established 1994, Life Settlement Association is the oldest and largest trade organization in the Life Settlement industry.
LISA.ORG aims to educate Life Insurance agents, industry professionals and Life Insurance owners about the possible alternatives to surrendering or lapsing a Life Insurance policy.

Life Insurance; Life Settlement Broker; Representing Life Insurance Owners who want to sell their Life Insurance.

LIS employs a creative and experienced management team with over 27 years of experience helping over 26,000 policy owners obtain the highest possible value for their Life Insurance policy. LIS is a proud member and serves on the Board of Directors and is a charter member of LISA’s Public Policy Council.
Life Insurance Settlements, Inc (LIS) is a corporation in the state of Florida, with Life Settlement licenses throughout the country.

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